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Sonoma Valley High School Dragon Hall of Fame


Purpose: Sonoma Valley High School values the contributions of its students, teachers and community members. The Dragon Hall of Fame will provide a tribute to the outstanding achievements of these individuals. The public acknowledgement of their achievements will serve to advance the legacy of excellence at Sonoma Valley High School. 

Mission: The Dragon Hall of Fame recognizes graduates of SVHS for their outstanding accomplishments achieved after high school.

Eligibility: 1. Former students, teachers or administrators who have significant achievements in their chosen field. 2. Former students, teachers, administrators, or community members who have made outstanding contributions to SVHS and/or community.

Criteria: 1. Candidates must have graduated from SVHS at least ten years prior to their nomination. 2. All teachers and administrators must have served at SVHS for at least 10 years. 3. Exception to the above will be at the discretion of the acting Board.

Selection Process:
1. Anyone may nominate a candidate (see form). 2. Candidate will be evaluated/considered based on the above criteria.

Selection Time Lines: -Aug 1 to Nov 1 Nominees considered for induction, -Nov 1 to Dec 1 Possible nominees contacted., -Dec 1 to Jan 1 Inductees notified and publically announced. May (Mother's Day Weekend) Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.

Note: The Board reserves the right to rescind an inductee's status in the Hall of Fame.
Meet the Board:
Jim Lynch, Jim Haver, Bob McAllister, Mike Rogina, Pam Adams, Bill Angeloni, Mick Chantler, Wendy Kruljac, Bennett Martin, Reed Martin, Barbara McElroy, Patty McFerrin, Glen Moll, Kori Schake and myself, Bob Kruljac.  Bob Kruljac Chairman, Dragon Hall of Fame

Bobk@vom.com,  707-483-1856,

Non-profit ID: Federal 26-1570428, California 3100864

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